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Hepplewhite, Russell: The Enlightenment. Download Pack. PDF


The Enlightenment (1715)
Words by Helen Eastman

You know that moment when you have a really, really good idea? Something brilliant that no one else has ever thought of? Well, around 300 years ago people decided that even just thinking about things was actually a superb thing to do, and the ideas they came up with had a massive effect on what people cared about and how they wanted to live their lives.

This Download Pack contains the following resources to aid the children in learning the song:

  • Full music with piano accompaniment
  • Melody sheet
  • Lyrics sheet
  • Links to melody teaching tracks and piano accompaniment backing tracks

The purchase of this Adobe PDF file includes a licence to print enough copies for use by your choir.

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Let there be light …
  There must be a rational explanation.
Let there be light …
  There must be a reasonable explanation.
Let there be light …
  There must be a scientific explanation.
Let there be light. Let there be reason. Find the light.

We must unyoke from superstition,
From the shackles of religion,
We must throw off tradition,
Find the light.

Our new world is in its youth,
An age of science, look for proof,
Search for demonstrable truth,
Find the light.

‘If I have seen further
It is by standing on the
Shoulders of giants.’
Trust your eyes, your ears, your senses.
What do you see?

New ways to think,
New ways to rule,
New ways to dream,
New ways to school,
New ways to wonder,
New ways to question,
New ways to be.

And as we walk towards enlightenment
We walk towards the light.

‘Reason is natural revelation,’
Trust your own evaluation.
Find the rational explanation.
Build a new and better nation.
Find the light.

Helen Eastman
© Copyright 2021 Stainer & Bell Ltd

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