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Hepplewhite, Russell: Industrial Revolution. Download Pack. PDF


Industrial Revolution (1760)
Words by Helen Eastman

In the 18th century the world started to become a much noisier place. Why? It was when clever inventors found ways to connect machines to a power source – not electricity, oil, or gas, which came later, but steam! As factories grew and grew, people left the countryside to work in towns. Some became very rich, others very poor. But one thing is clear: the world was changed forever.

This Download Pack contains the following resources to aid the children in learning the song:

  • Full music with piano accompaniment
  • Melody sheet
  • Lyrics sheet
  • Links to melody teaching tracks and piano accompaniment backing tracks

The purchase of this Adobe PDF file includes a licence to print enough copies for use by your choir.

Note: The file (stamped with your name and email address) will be available for immediate download and the licence will be sent via email.

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Pound, clatter, clatter, clatter, pound, clatter hiss.

Dawn to dusk, wheels are turning
Dawn to dusk, coal is burning
Dawn to dusk, vats are churning
It’s the age of steam.

We used to farm the open fields,
But now we’ve moved to town.
Trying to earn our daily bread,
Profits up, wages down.

Dawn to dusk, pistons pumping
Dawn to dusk, engines thumping
Dawn to dusk, rubbish dumping
It’s the age of steam.

Swapped the plough for the production line,
The sky for the indoors.
Chimneys spouting, foreman shouting,
Keep producing more and more …

Dawn to dusk, folks keep buying
Dawn to dusk, rivers dying
Dawn to dusk, skies are crying
It’s the age of steam.

Helen Eastman
© Copyright 2021 Stainer & Bell Ltd

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