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Hewitt Jones, Thomas: Onward we go = COMING SOON =

Unison voices and piano or small ensemble
Words by Gordon Giles

== Coming Soon ==

Sheet music will be available in both printed and digital download formats, including FREE optional instrumental parts.


Release date: 02-Nov-2023 on all popular streaming platforms

Written as a tuneful, warm and nostalgic tribute to the Christmas story; scored for the children’s touchingly young voices with piano, electric bass and instrumentalists. Thomas says “I have great fondness for St Stephen’s Dulwich, which played an important part in my formative musical education, and it is extremely fulfilling to write music for them and see the next generations of young singers coming through.”

Gordon Giles (lyricist) says: “This carol was written in Rochester in the summer of 2023, to a tune that Thomas had more or less written. Thus the text evolved with the music, which is a delightful way of collaborating. The theme is that of children singing on their way to visit the manger, a happy band of little pilgrims wanting to show the newborn king their love and worship him. Their gift is simply to offer love. As the song progresses they draw nearer, passing the shepherds seeing the angels’ light, and the Kings (Magi) with their gifts, all of which are offered to Christ as loving tribute. After these three journeying verses, the children have arrived, and find that by bringing love, it is in fact the infant Christ who has called them so that he can show them his love. In giving they receive. This is the cause of faith, hope and joy which has called young and old into his kingly presence today, just as it always has done. It is the core of Christmas, that we give gifts of love, because we have received love. We bring our love to the manger, and from it, God shows us his love, manifest in the incarnation”.

The carol may also be sung in procession or as part of a nativity Play.

2 November 2023

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