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Carter, Sydney: Nothing Fixed or Final

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A new compilation album of Sydney Carter’s songs and poems sung and produced by Franciscus Henri.
Franciscus Henri Productions title.

Only available from this site for orders to UK and Europe.

When Sydney Carter died in March 2004, his obituary in The Guardian anointed him ‘folk poet, holy sceptic, and iconoclastic theologian’. The man who once called himself ‘God’s loyal opposition’ might have thought that a bit excessive, but there is some truth there and it is likely he wouldn’t have minded too much. Franciscus Henri knew the songs on this CD forty years ago. In 1972 he was chosen accompanist on Sydney’s tour of Australia. These songs are part of the performer’s continuing journey.

1 The Candle light
2 Bell of Creation
3 My Mum was a Woman
4 Silver in the Stubble
5 Mixed-up Old Man
6 Coming or Going Away
7 Green Like the Leaves
8 Feeling Sad and Lonely
9 Creator of the living
10 Crow on the Cradle
11 Bird of Heaven
12 Shake and Shiver
13 Lord of the Dance
14 Come Holy Harlequin
15 The Devil
16 Every Star shall sing a Carol
17 Travel On
18 Julian of Norwich
19 Run the film backwards
20 Child
21 The Burden
22 The Rat Race
23 The Holy Box
24 The Sin of Being
25 Anonymous
26 Interview

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