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Harrison, Tom: It was a Sound–a tribute to Johnny Hodges

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What if you found out that someone had left you a precious gift? Someone you had never met yet somehow felt like you had known forever. Wouldn’t you want the chance to thank them for it? It Was a Sound is a collection of music and stories inspired by the life and playing style of the great Johnny Hodges. Twelve original compositions for Alto Saxophone & Piano are paired with twelve short stories about Hodges, his life in jazz and his quirky way of being.

Through playing the music and reading the stories, music lovers will gain a deeper understanding of the roots of Jazz Music and its cultural legacy. You already owe something to Johnny Hodges, even if you do not yet realise it. This book is suitable for Alto Saxophone players of Grades 1-5 standard, with illustrations by Kareen Cox and a foreword by Julian Joseph OBE.

‘Tom has thoroughly researched the genius of Johnny Hodges and has opened a gateway that lets the reader explore and experience the artistry of the master saxophonist. Excellent work!’
–Jean Toussaint

‘Fabulous quotes and thought-provoking questions. So informative, I love it.’
–Tony Kofi

‘A brilliant book which thoroughly captures the excellence of Hodges. With fitting musical examples aimed to inspire young musicians today, perhaps there will be another little Johnny Hodges in the making!’
–Camilla George

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