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Dobson, Marjorie: Unravelling the Mysteries


Drama, hymns, prayers and poems exploring faith and doubt.

Newcomers to Marjorie Dobson’s work, no less than admirers of the first collection of her writings, Multi-coloured Maze, will recognise in the contents of its successor, Unravelling the Mysteries, an authentic creative voice crafting words, rhymes and rhythms into the expression of a lived faith.

As Janet Wootton notes in her preface to this second anthology, Marjorie has ‘a knack of rooting the mysteries of faith in the down-to-earth realities of life, and stating them in language that is at the same time poetic and completely accessible’. This versatile, contemporary idiom lies at the core of forty new hymns, offered with a selection of musical settings both original and familiar that will uplift the heart in voice and verse. In addition, there is a wealth of poems, prayers and dramatic pieces to inspire and console, whether in situations of praise or reflection, trial or thanksgiving.

The focus overall is on the enigmas of creation, of belief, grace, choice, sorrow and resurrection – nothing less than the all-embracing questions that determine the route and destination of life’s journeys. Marjorie approaches these mysteries in her own inimitable way, unravelling the tangled threads for herself and for others in the context of the ambiguities and complexities of the modern world. From the resonance of these texts, worshippers, those in fellowship or discussion groups, and enquiring individuals will be empowered to explore questions of faith, or doubt, in their own lives, with insights to take them on the next step of the road.

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