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Invitation to the Partsong Book 8


A selection for three to eleven voices
Edited John Morehen

Rounds and Canons from Thomas Ravenscroft’s Collections

Sacred and secular rounds and canons in Latin and in English from the collections of the 17th-century editor and theorist Thomas Ravenscroft, on a variety of subjects such as drinking, hunting and street cries: thirty-five pieces for three to eleven voices.


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For Three Voices
Follow me quickly
Hey ho! To the greenwood now let us go
I am a-thirst, what should I say?
I pray you, good mother
New oysters
Now God be with old Simeon
Now kiss the cup, cousin, with courtesy
O praise the Lord, ye that fear Him
Pietas omnium virtutum
The merry nightingale
Well fare the nightingale

For Four Voices
Ascendit Christus in coelum
Blow thy horn, thou jolly hunter
Descendit Christus de coelo
Fa, mi, fa, re, la, mi
Farewell, mine own sweet heart
Hey, down a down
Miserere mei Deus
To Portsmouth it is a gallant town

For Five Voices
Keep well your ray, my lads
Sing you now after me
Universa transeunt
Verbum Domini manet in aeternum
Vias tuas Domine demonstra mihi
White wine and sugar is good drink for me

For Six Voices
Benedic, Domine, nobis his donis tuis
Domine Fili Dei vivi miserere nostri
Joy in the gates of Jerusalem
Laudate nomen Domini (I)
Now thanked be the great god Pan

For Seven Voices
Laudate nomen Domini (II)

For Eight Voices
Let’s have a peal for John Cook’s soul

For Nine Voices
Delicta quis intelligit?
Hey ho, what shall I say?

For Ten or Eleven Voices
Sing we now merrily

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