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Dobson, Marjorie: Multi-Coloured Maze

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An anthology of drama, hymns, prayers and poems for worship and everyday living.

The pattern of the book finds a place for material exploring a diversity of topics, such as childbirth, teenagers, creativity, women in the Bible, marriage and the breakdown of marriage, cot death, retirement, caring, Alzheimers, HIV and Aids, bereavement, greed, giving, working, worshipping, globalisation, coincidences, miracles, healing and the Spirit, summed up in the final item of the collection, the hymn God the Weaver.

In each of the five sections – The Festival Way, The Biblical Way, The Disciples’ Way, The Family Way and The Global Way – Marjorie allows us to see the ‘working out of many of the texts through her own faith experience as a Methodist Local Preacher, dedicated to seeking out new paths in worship experiences meaningful for Christians today. Fresh musical settings are printed with all hymn texts, including several lively new arrangements of traditional songs.

Incisive and observant, the author’s unmistakable style will win many new admirers in this first collection of a writer and worship leader increasingly recognised for the breadth and vigour of her creative work.

This is a fascinating collection in which Marjorie Dobson gives us insights into her motivation and her ways of thought, through her introductions to each piece. In the course of time covered by the book, she has sought to create new ways of looking at the Christian story ‘which have relevance to the culture and language of our everyday society.’ She does this, not by trivialisation, although, as she says, she does have a ‘sideways way of looking at things which occasionally produces a wry smile.’ The book is in five main sections, filled with a great variety of material: performance pieces (monologue and dialogue), poetry, prayers, meditations, blessings and hymns. There is a mine of material here for those preparing worship, which they might readily use, or which might encourage their own creativity.

Alan Gaunt
Bulletin of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland

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