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Carter, Sydney: Lord of the Dance and other songs and poems

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A collection of favourite songs and poems by Sydney Carter with an introduction by Rabbi Lionel Blue.

An icon of the modern folk movement, Carter, who wrote Lord of the Dance in 1963, lived to see this and others of his songs become popular classics, and a much-loved feature of religious worship of many denominations.

In recent years, Lord of the Dance has lent its name to a celebrated dance spectacular. But perhaps most heartening for Carter has been the huge success of his work among young people. Official figures released by CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) rate both Lord of the Dance and One More Step, also featured on this compilation, as among the top five favourite items now sung and played in British schools.

The striking portrait of Sydney Carter which features on the album was commissioned from Hans Schwarz in 1995 and presented to Sydney by his friends at a celebration of his 80th birthday at Westminster Abbey.

Stainer & Bell, Sydney Carter’s publishers for around 50 years, are proud to release this album and songbook as a tribute to his unique place in British music, and as a concept album that refreshes his songs and poems.

Songbook to accompany the Lord of the Dance CD

By this Sea
Christ’s Hospital
Doubting Tom
In Coram Fields
My Believing Bones
Robinson Crusoe
Run the Film Backwards
The Future in the Past
The New Song
This Black Light
What is Impossible

After Six and All Day Sunday
Bird of Heaven
Come, Holy Harlequin
Creator of the Living
Green like the Leaves
Judas and Mary
Julian of Norwich
Like the Snow
Lord of the Dance
One More Step
Pluck the Rose
Present Tense
Shake and Shiver

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