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Invitation to the Partsong Book 7


Edited by Geoffrey Bush and Michael Hurd

Nine glees and madrigals for three and four parts by Atterbury, Baildon, Beale, Hindle, Horsley, Paxton, Pring, Stevens and Webbe.

Ref: B833 ISBN: 9780852498330 ISMN: 9790220208775 Categories: , , , ,


PAXTON, William: Breathe soft, ye winds (TBarB)
BAILDON, Joseph: When gay Bacchus (ATB)
STEVENS, R J S: Prithee, foolish boy (ATB)
PRING, Jacob Cubitt: How bright were the blushes of morn (ATB)
ATTERBURY, Luffman: Adieu ye streams (ATBarB)
WEBBE, Samuel: Oh gentle Love (ATBarB)
HINDLE, John: Queen of the silver bow (ATBarB)
HORSLEY, William: Nymphs of the forest (ATBarB)
BEALE, William: Come let us join the roundelay (ATBarB)

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