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Story Song

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Edited by Alan Luff and Don Pickard

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Story Song is a collection of songs; one hundred of them; each, in some way, telling of God and the world, in words and music. The pieces are in many styles, formal and informal, and in this they reflect the nature of song in and around the church today. Some tell a story or refer to moments or people in stories: others are based on things famous people said or well-known incidents in their lives; yet others are the sort of stories that happen to anyone and everyone – what might be called the human story. And since it is a book for the Church – but not to be used only in Church! – many of the stories are connected with Jesus.

Few of the pieces are free-standing in the way a traditional hymn can be. Rarely will it be possible simply to announce and then sing them in the course of a service. They are dependent at the very least on being carefully introduced and prepared. They will find a place at the end of an exposition of scripture, or as an introduction to such an exposition, raising, as they do, questions about the story which is being sung.

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