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Braley, Bernard: Hymnwriters 3: Hardback

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This volume covers the lives of George Herbert, the seventeenth century religious poet and parson; Edward Plumptre, the nineteenth century educationalist and theologian who became Dean of Wells Cathedral; Robert Bridges, medical man, precentor in a village church, Poet Laureate and eccentric; and Fred Pratt Green, who took up hymnwriting seriously at an age when many retire, and whose twentieth century hymns are now sung across the world.

Hymnwriters 3 “has . . . . a classical and appropriate cover, featuring an organ and bench with portraits of hymnologists. Also the near-magazine format, featuring side-bars, boxed sections, photos and drawings and a number of different typefaces, make it a really top-class production. This also has impressive indices: Index of Persons, Index of Place Names, General Index and, lastly, Index of Tunes. Anybody interested in the hymnology/poetry of all the people covered in this finely produced book should add it to their library.” (Librarians’ Christian Fellowship Newsletter)

This edition is also available in paperback format (B790).

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