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Michael, Richard and Stroman, Scott: Creative Jazz Education


Book and CD

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Created by two of the country’s leading jazz educators, the book and CD is designed as a practical guide for teachers at all levels, with hundreds of musical examples. It provides practical guidance for GCSE, Standard Grade, a comprehensive view of jazz incorporating swing, Latin, rock and African music, written vamps for keyboard accompaniments, a step-by-step approach to teaching improvisation, guidance in arranging for the classroom, clear discussion of jazz harmony in various styles along with hints on directing. The accompanying CD gives a clear idea of how some of the music examples should sound.

Created by two of the country’s leading jazz educators, Creative Jazz Education forms part of Stainer & Bell’s comprehensive jazz series which includes the highly successful Small Band Jazz series and Lionel Grigson’s Practical Jazz (Ref B668). The book and CD provides a comprehensive view of jazz from swing to African music, with clear guidance and direction in jazz harmony, arranging and improvising, and hints on direction and written vamps for keyboard accompaniment.

Beautifully produced with an eye-catching cover, Creative Jazz Education also offers practical guidance for GCSE standard grade.

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