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Grigson, Lionel: Practical Jazz


Practical Jazz stands as an eloquent tribute to the work of Lionel Grigson, for many years Professor of Harmony and Improvisation at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama. A usable theory of the subject that grows naturally out of practical experience yet is understandable in classical terms, it is an ideal guide for students who have a natural feeling for jazz but find conventional harmony tuition to be dull and academic. Rapid progress is made from simple jazz chords in various voicings to the 12-bar blues and its variations. Part 1 gives the harmonic underpinning for improvising melody over the changes clearly explained in Part 2 – from blues to bebop. Equally suited to the amateur enthusiast, this book makes an important contribution to jazz education, fulfilling the requirements both of the National Curriculum and more advanced studies at college or university.

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