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Braley, Bernard: Hymnwriters 1: Hardback

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The first volume in a series telling in depth the life stories of some great hymnwriters. The stories can easily be turned into occasional performances of hymns with interspersed readings. There are numerous quotations helpful to this end. The volume covers Thomas Ken, Reginald Heber, John Ellerton and William Walsham How. The book is full of the unexpected and makes a delightful gift.

“Quotations from hymns, letters and diaries, together with photographs, illustrate the text fully. This is a fascinating book, and those with a talent for dramatisation would find this an ideal starting-point for creating a play.”

“We have come to associate a special combination of lively style and meticulous research with the writings of Bernard Braley. In this first volume on hymnwriters we are not disappointed.” (The Local Preachers’ Magazine)

“Mr Braley’s biographical method is highly original – so far as I know unique – but carefully contrived to suite the nature of his subjects. His unorthodox method helps to make these men new to us, and powerfully to promote in us a sense of fellowship with them.” (The Hymn Society Bulletin)

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