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Campbell, Laura: Sketches for Improvisation

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In spite of the significance of jazz improvisation as a basis of popular music, keyboard improvisation in classical styles remains a core discipline for anyone seeking the practical application of harmonic facility and long-term melodic memory that are essential aspects of a traditional musicianship. Complementary to Sketching at the Keyboard but valid equally for use in conjunction with it or independently, Sketches for Improvisation is a step-by-step guide to mastery of the subject that also promotes written skills through the creation of a portfolio of compositions. The many starting points for improvisation will inspire both the gifted student and the beginner who knows only a few scales in the simple keys. Sketches for Further Harmony and Improvisation, which provides experience in the use of more complex chords and their application in a wide range of classical styles, is available from The Dalcroze Society.

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