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Restoration Duets. Book 1


Edited by Timothy Roberts
High voice, bass and basso continuo

Ref: B629 ISBN: 9780852496299 ISMN: 9790220212895 Categories: ,


In two volumes, Timothy Roberts has selected duets by leading composers from the period following the Restoration of King Charles II in 1660. For Soprano (or Tenor) and Bass, the volume contains six items featuring the main preoccupations of Restoration art: the dramatic and contemplative sides of religion; love anticipated and requited or rejected; and alcohol.

The basso continuo has been realised in simple style for keyboard, and players should elaborate or alter it as they wish.

Tho’ my mistress be fair (Purcell) (D – A) and (F – D)
How sweet, how lovely (Eccles) (F – A flat) and (B flat – D)
In some kind dream (Purcell) (D – G) and (D (E) – D)
Go, perjured maid (Blow) (C – A) and (A – F)
Lucifer’s fall (Blow) (A – A) and (D (E) – E)
Upon a quiet conscience (Purcell) (C – A flat) and (F – E flat)

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