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Ireland, John: The Complete Works for Voice and Piano. Volume 5: Medium Voice


The great flowering of English song in the 20th century was not (as once thought) an isolated phenomenon, but part of a tradition which can be traced back through at least four centuries. John Ireland reacted positively to the poets of his time; and he was fortunate that two of them, Thomas Hardy and A. E. Housman, wrote lyrics which were not only made for music but corresponded to something fundamental in Ireland’s character.

The aim of this edition is to make the complete songs f John Ireland for voice and piano available in practical form. With the exception of two posthumous pieces (If we must part and What art thou thinking of?) the texts are those published under the supervision of the composer during his lifetime.

The Complete Works for Voice and Piano full contents…

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Bed in Summer (C – D)
Blind (D – D)
Cost (C – F)
Friendship in misfortune (D flat – F)
Hope the hornblower (F – G)
I have twelve oxen (C – F)
If there were dreams to sell (E flat – F)
If we must part (D – E)
Journey (E – E)
Love and friendship (C – G)
Merry month of May (C – F sharp)
One hope (B flat – F sharp)
Song from o’er the hill (D – E flat)
Three ravens (C – E flat)
Tutto e Sciolto (E – E)
When lights go rolling (D – F sharp)

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