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Ireland, John: The Complete Works for Voice and Piano. Volume 2: Medium Voice


Adoration (C sharp – F)
Baby (E – E)
Bells of San Marie (C – D)
Blind Boy (E – E)
Death-parting (E – E)
During music (B flat – G flat)
Garland (D – F)
Hope (D – D)
Newborn (E – F)
Only child (E – F)
Rat (B – E)
Rest (E flat – E flat)
Santa Chiara (C – E flat)
Sea Fever (B – D)
Skylark and Nightingale (E flat – E flat)
Tryst (D – F sharp)
Vagabond (F – F)
What art thou thinking of (E – G flat)
When I am dead, my dearest (D – D)

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