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Ireland, John: The Complete Works for Voice and Piano. Volume 1: High Voice


Advent (D – F)
East Riding (E – G)
Encounter (G – G)
Epilogue (F – A flat)
Goal and wicket (E – G)
Hawthorn time (D – G)
Heart’s desire (F – A flat)
Hymn for a child (C sharp – F)
Ladslove (F – A flat)
Lent lily (G – F sharp)
Love is a sickness full of woes (E flat – G)
My fair (E – G)
My true love hath my heart (D sharp – F)
Remember (D sharp – G)
Sacred flame (D flat – A flat)
Sally Gardens (E – E)
Scapegoat (E – F)
Soldier’s return (D – E flat)
Trellis (C – G)
Vain desire (E – A flat)

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