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Byrd, William: Latin Motets I

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The Byrd Edition Volume 8
Edited by Warwick Edwards
First published: 1982
Pages: 244
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 254 x 177 x 15

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

This volume is devoted to Byrd’s Latin sacred works which have survived only in manuscript sources. Its contents range from those motets such as Alleluya. Confitemini Domino judged to be among the composer’s earliest, to works of the 1560s – Ad Dominum cum tribularer for example – and two later cantus firmus respond motets that may also be dated to this period.


Ad Dominum cum tribularer (SSMzMzAATB)
Alleluya. Confitemini Domino (ATB)
Ave regina caelorum (SAATB)
Christe qui lux es (a 4) (SATB)
Christe qui lux es (a 5) (SATTB)
De Lamentatione Jeremiae prophetae (ATTBaB)
Domine quis habitabit (SSAATTBBB)
Ne perdas cum impiis (SATTB)
O salutaris hostia (AATTB)
Omni tempore benedic Deum (SATTB)
Petrus beatus (SAATB)
Similes illis fiant (In exitu Israel: Part II) (AATB)

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