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Cantiones Sacrae II (1591)


The Byrd Edition Volume 3
Edited by Alan Brown
First published: 1981
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 254 x 177 x 19

Ref: B365 ISBN: 9780852493656 ISMN: 9790220202858 Categories: , , By:

The Liber Secundus Sacrarum Cantionum appeared in November 1591, and was printed, like its predecessor, by Thomas East. Biblical and liturgical sources provided texts for its 21 motets, most of them sombre in tone. The noted scholar Joseph Kerman has observed that in these pieces, Byrd may have been voicing ‘prayers, exhortations and protests on behalf of the English Roman Catholic community’.

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Afflicti pro peccatis (SAATBaB)
Apparebit in finem (SATTB or SAATB)
Cantate Domino (SSATBB)
Circumdederunt me (SAATB)
Cunctis diebus (SMzATBaB)
Descendit de coelis (SAATBaB or SAATTB)
Domine exaudi (SAATB)
Domine non sum dignus (SMzATTB)
Domine salva nos (SMzATBaB)
Exsurge Domine (SMzATB)
Fac cum servo tuo (SATTB)
Haec dicit Dominus (SATBarB)
Haec dies (SSATTB)
Infelix ego (SMzATBaB)
Laudibus in sanctis (SSATB)
Levemus corda (SAATB)
Miserere mei Deus (SATBaB or SMzATB)
Quis est homo (SSATB)
Recordare Domine (SAATB)
Salve regina (SSATB)
Tribulatio proxima est (SATBarB)

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