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Invitation to the Partsong Book 6


Edited by Thurston Dart and Nigel Fortune

13 of the finest settings taken from John Dowland: Ayres for Four Voices, originally transcribed as Volume 6 of Musica Britannica by Edmund Fellowes. The Elizabethan and Jacobean lutesongs were often written with alternative versions for voices and lute. This volume is an introductory selection of these ‘airs’, with accompaniment which may be played on guitar or keyboard as well as lute.

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Burst forth my tears
By a fountain where I lay
Can she excuse my wrongs
Come again sweet love doth now invite
Come away, come sweet love
Come heavy sleep
Fine knacks for ladies
Go crystal tears
If my complaints
Now o now I needs must part
Sleep wayward thoughts
Sweet stay awhile
Weep you no more sad fountains

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