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Invitation to Medieval Music Book 5

Ref: B331 ISBN: 9780852493311 ISMN: 9790220208683 Category:


Edited by John Stevens

Partsongs from the Court of Henry VIII. This collection from Musica Britannica Volume 18 has 12 partsongs for 3, 4 and 5-part mixed consorts of voices and/or instruments, including the well-known ‘Blow thy horn, hunter’, ‘I have been a foster’, and ‘Ah Robin’.

ANONYMOUS: And I were a maiden (5-part); England be glad (3-part); I am a jolly foster (3-part); Madame d’amours (4-part); Pray we to God (3-part); Where be ye, my love? (3-part)
COOPER, Robert: I have been a foster (3-part)
CORNISH, William (Jnr): Adieu mes amours (4-part); Ah Robin, gentle Robin (3-part); Blow thy horn hunter (3-part); My love she mourneth (3-part)
PRIORIS, Johannes: Dulcis amica (3-part)
PYGOTT, Richard: Quid petis, o fili (4-part)

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