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Cavalier Songs


Selected from Musica Britannica, Volume 33, edited by Ian Spink

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Wilt thou forgive the sin? D – G (John Hilton)
Wilt Chloris cast her sun-bright eyes? G sharp – F (Simon Ives)
Mark how the blushful morn D – G (Nicholas Lanier)
Stay, silly heart, and do not break D – F (Nicholas Lanier)
Bid me but live, and I will live G – F (Henry Lawes)
No, no, fair heretic, it cannot be E – F(G) (Henry Lawes)
Out upon it, I have lov’d C – D (Henry Lawes)
Sweet stay awhile, why do you rise? D – G (Henry Lawes)
Will you know my mistress’ face? E flat – F (Henry Lawes)
Faith be no longer coy F – G (William Lawes)
Since ’tis my fate to be thy slave E – E (William Webb)
In a season all oppressed G sharp – E (John Wilson)
Since love hath in thine and mine eye D – F (John Wilson)
Take, O take those lips away G – G (John Wilson)
Wherefore peep’st thou, envious day? G – A (John Wilson)

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