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Byrd, William: Gradualia I (1605) – Other Feasts and Devotions

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The Byrd Edition Volume 6b
Edited by Philip Brett
First published: 1993
Pages: 151
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 254 x 177 x 13

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

The contents of the third volume devoted to Byrd’s 1605 collection represent the second half of its title, Gradualia ac Cantiones Sacrae. With one exception, the pieces are not ‘graduals’ or Propers of the Mass, but devotional works, probably intended for domestic use and reflecting the intense and all-embracing spirituality of Roman Catholic practice in Byrd’s England.


Adorna thalamum tuum Sion (STB)
Alleluia, Vespere autum Sabbathi (STB)
Alma redemptoris mater (SATB)
Angelus Domini descendit (STB)
Ave maris stella (STB)
Ave Regina caelorum (SATB)
Christus resurgens (SATB)
Deo gratis (SATB)
Ecce quam bonum (SATB)
Haec dies (STB)
Hodie Beata Virgo Maria (SATB)
In manus tuas Domine (SATB)
Jesum Nazarenum (Turbarum voces in Passione Domini secundum Joannem) (STB)
Laetania (The Litany) (SATB)
Memento salutis auctor (STB)
O gloriosa domina (STB)
Post dies octo (STB)
Quem terra pontus aethera (STB)
Regina caeli (STB)
Salve Regina (SATB)
Salve sola Dei genitrix (SATB)
Senex puerum portabat (SATB)
Visita quaesumus Domine (SATB)

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