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Byrd, William: Psalmes, Songs, and Sonnets (1611)

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The Byrd Edition Volume 14
Edited by John Morehen
First published: 1987
Pages: 216
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 254 x 177 x 14

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Byrd himself described his last publication, Psalmes, Songs and Sonnets of 1611 as his ultimum vale. Nonetheless, some of the music was written earlier, and compiled or adapted to complete this collection of 32 pieces in three, four, five and six parts. Five of the 3-part pieces are settings of texts from the first English emblem book, Geoffrey Whitney’s A Choice of Emblems of 1586. Facsimiles of the relevant pages from Whitney are included.


A feigned friend (SATB)
Ah silly soul (Ssolo Viols Tr 2T B)
Arise Lord into thy rest (SSATB)
Awake mine eyes (SATB)
Blow the trumpet (Secunda pars) (SSSAT(AAATB))
Come jolly swains (SATB)
Come let us rejoice unto our Lord (SATB)
Come woeful Orpheus (SSATB)
Crowned with flowers (SST(A)T(A)B)
Fantasia a 4 (Viols Tr 2T B)
Fantasia a 6 (Viols 2Tr 2T 2B)
Have mercy upon me O God (S SATTB 3TrViols 2TViols BViol)
How vain the toils (Ssolo Viols Tr 2T B)
How vain the toils (Lute Version) (Lute)
I have been young, but now am old (SST)
In crystal towers (SST)
In winter cold (Prima pars) (SST)
Let not the sluggish sleep (SATB)
Make ye joy to God (SSATB)
O God that guides the cheerful sun (A Carroll for New-year’s day) (SSsoloAT(A)B(T)B Viols 3Tr 2T B)
Of flattering speech (SST)
Praise our Lord all ye Gentiles (SSATBB)
Retire my soul, consider thine state (SSATB)
Sing ye to our Lord a new song (SST)
Sing, we merrily unto God our strength (Prima pars) (SSSAT(AAATB))
The eagle’s force (SST)
This day Christ was born (A Carroll for Christmas day) (SSAATB)
This sweet and merry month of May (SATB)
Turn our captivity, O Lord (SSAATB)
Wedded to will is witless (SST(A)T(A)B)
What is life, or worldly pleasure? (SATB)
Wherat an ant (Secunda pars) (SST)
Who looks may leap (SST)

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