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Byrd, William: Songs of Sundrie Natures (1589)

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The Byrd Edition Volume 13
Edited by David Mateer
First published: 2004
Pages: 312
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 254 x 177 x 20

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Published in 1589, following the successful issue of Psalmes, Sonets and Songs the previous year, Songs of Sundrie Natures is a more diverse collection than its predecessor. Though the contents include one consort song in its original form, they contain a relative dearth of adaptations of this genre for unaccompanied voices. In contrast, there is arguably a higher percentage of recently composed works and ‘sundrie’ material, including two carols, the very fine verse anthem Christ rising again, and two chanson-like pieces, Susanna fair and The Nightingale, probably written in ‘friendly aemulation’ with Ferrabosco.


An earthly tree a heavenly fruit (SS and Viols)
And as the pleasant morning dew (the second part) (SATTTB)
And think ye nymphs? (the first part) (SATTB)
Attend mine humble prayer (STT)
Behold how good a thing (the first part) (SATTTB)
Boy pity me (the second part) (SATB)
But when by proof they find (the second part) (SAT)
Cast off all doubtful care (Chorus of An earthly tree a heavenly fruit) (SATB and optional Viols)
Christ is risen again (the second part) (SSTTTB and Viols)
Christ rising again (the first part) (SSTTTB and Viols)
Compel the hawk to sit (SATTB)
From Citheron the warlike boy (the first part) (SATT)
From depth of sin (STT)
From virgin’s womb this day did spring (Voice (A) and Viols)
Her breath is more sweet (the second part) (SATTB)
I thought that love had been a boy (SAATB)
If in thine heart (SATTTB)
If love be just (the third part) (SATT)
Is love a boy? (the first part) (SATB)
Lord hear my prayer (STT)
Lord in thy rage (STT)
Lord in thy wrath (STT)
Love is a fit of pleasure (the second part) (SSATTB)
Love would discharge (the second part) (SATBB)
O dear life when may it be? (STTBB)
O God which art most merciful (STT)
O Lord my God (ATTB)
Of gold all burnished (the first part) (SATTB)
Penelope that longed (SATTB)
Rejoice, rejoice (Chorus of From virgin’s womb this day did spring) (SSAA and optional Viols)
Right blest are they (STT)
See those sweet eyes (the first part) (SATBB)
Susanna fair (SAT)
The greedy hawk (STT)
The nightingale so pleasant (SAT)
Then for a boat his quiver (the second part) (SAT)
There careless thoughts are freed (the second part) (SATT)
Unto the hills mine eyes I lift (SATTBB)
Upon a summer’s day (the first part) (SAT)
Weeping full sore (SATTB)
When first by force (SATTB)
When I was otherwise (SATTB)
When younglings first on Cupid (the first part) (SAT)
While that the sun (SATT)
Who made thee Hob forsake the plough? (SS and Viols)
Wounded I am (the first part) (SATB)
Yet of us twain (the second part) (SATB)

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