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Byrd, William: The English Anthems

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The Byrd Edition Volume 11
Edited by Craig Monson
First published: 1983
Pages: 244
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 254 x 177 x 15

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

The composition of Anglican church music was never one of Byrd’s priorities, but his anthems on English texts remained in favour long after his death, and for two centuries were the works by which his name was remembered. Full and verse anthems are included in this volume, with anthems from secular sources and fragmentary and doubtful works also collected.


Alack, when I look back (Consort Song) (Voice Lute)
Alack, when I look back (Verse Anthem) (SAATB Org)
Arise, O Lord, why sleepest thou (SAATB Org)
Be unto me, O Lord (SSTB Org)
Behold, O God, the sad and heavy case (SAATB Org)
Behold, O God, with thy all prosp’ring eye (Text Only Fragment)
Christ rising again (SSATTB Org)
Come help, O God (SSATB Org)
Exalt thyself, O God (SSAATB Org)
Glory to God (Doubtful Work) (Voice)
Hear my prayer, O Lord (SSATB Org)
How long shall mine enemies? (SAATB Org)
I laid me down to rest (SSATB Org)
Let us be glad (Text Only Fragment)
Look down, O Lord (SSA(T)B Org)
O God, the proud are risen (SSAATB Org)
O God, whom our offences (SAATB Org)
O Lord, make thy servant, Elizabeth (SAATTB Org)
O Lord, rebuke me not (SATTB Org)
O praise our Lord (SSATB Org)
Out of the deep (SSAATB Org)
Out of the deep (Doubtful Work) (SSATB)
Prevent us, O Lord (SAATB Org)
Save me, O God (SSATB Org)
Sing joyfully (SSAATB Org)
Sing ye to our God (Text Only Fragment)
Thou God that guid’st (SAATB Org)

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