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Byrd, William: The English Services

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The Byrd Edition Volume 10a
Edited by Craig Monson
First published: 1983
Pages: 200
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 254 x 177 x 12

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Byrd’s music for the Anglican service remains one of the least appreciated areas of his output. Its manner is generally restrained; its sources, for the most part, are problematical. Abjuring word painting and imitation, settings of the Preces and Responses, Psalms, Service and Litany rely on harmonic variety for their musical interest and continuity.


Preces and Responses
Preces (SAATB, Org)
Responses (SAATB, Org)

First Preces and Psalms
Preces (SAATB, Org)
O Clap your hands (SAATB, Org)
Save me, O God (SSAATB, Org)

Second Preces and Psalms
Preces (SAATB, Org)
When Israel came out of Egypt (SAATB, Org)
Hear my prayer, O God (SAATB, Org)
Teach me, O Lord (SAATB, Org)

Five Part Litany (SAATB, Org)

The Short Service
Venite (SATB, Org)
Te Deum (SATTB, Org)
Benedictus (SATTB, Org)
Kyrie (SATTB, Org)
Creed (SAATTB, Org)
Magnificat (SAATB, Org)
Nunc Dimittis (SAATB, Org)

The Second Service
Magnificat (SAAAATB, Org)
Nunc Dimittis (SAAATB, Org)

The Third Service
Magnificat (SAATB, Org)
Nunc Dimittis (SAATB, Org)

Four-Part Litany (doubtful and fragmentary work) (SATB, Org)
Sanctus (doubtful and fragmentary work) (-)
Psalm 100 (doubtful and fragmentary work) (-)
Service in F (doubtful and fragmentary work) (-)

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