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Byrd, William: Madrigals, Songs and Canons

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The Byrd Edition Volume 16
Edited by Philip Brett
First published: 1976
Pages: 212
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 254 x 177 x 16

Individual titles from this volume are available as Adobe PDF files…

Of madrigals and partsongs, Volume 16 of the Byrd Edition contains the six items not included in the printed sets of 1588, 1589 and 1611 (distinguished by the lack of obligatory instrumental accompaniments); of the consort songs, the original versions of consort songs that were subsequently arranged as madrigals; and of canons and rounds, the two that can without doubt be attributed to the composer.


Ah, youthful tears (Fragment Only)
Behold how good (Fragment Only)
Blessed is he that fears the Lord (Voice & Viols)
Canon Six in One (and four in two) (Canon)
Canon Two in One per arsin et thesin (Canon)
Care for thy soul (Voice & Viols)
Cease cares (Fragment Only)
Come to me, grief, for ever (Voice & Viols)
Constant Penelope (Voice & Viols)
Depart, ye furies (Fragment Only)
Farewell, false Love (Voice & Viols)
How shall a young man? (Voice & Viols)
I joy not in no earthly bliss (Voice & Viols)
I thought that Love had been a boy (Voice & Viols)
I will give laud (Fragment Only)
If that a sinner’s sighs (Voice & Viols)
If trickling tears (Fragment Only)
In fields abroad (Voice & Viols)
In tower most high (Fragment Only)
La verginella (Voice & Viols)
Let others praise what seems them best (1589) (SSATTB)
Look and bow down (Fragment Only)
Lord in thy wrath (Voice & Viols)
Lullaby, my sweet little baby (Voice & Viols)
My mind to me a kingdom is (Voice & Viols)
O happy thrice (Fragment Only)
O Lord, who in thy sacred tent? (Voice & Viols)
O sweet deceit (SMzATB)
O that most rare breast (Voice & Viols)
O trifling toys (Fragment Only)
O you that hear this voice (Voice & Viols)
Preces Deo fundamus (Fragment Only)
Prostrate, O Lord, I lie (Voice & Viols)
See those sweet eyes (Voice & Viols)
Susanna fair (Voice & Viols)
The fair young virgin (SATB)
This sweet and merry month of May (1590) (SSATTB)
Though Amaryllis dance in green (Voice & Viols)
What pleasure have great princes? (SATTB)
What vaileth it to rule? (MzMzTTB)
What wights are these (Fragment Only)
When first by force (I that sometime) (Voice & Viols)
Where fancy fond (Voice & Viols)
While that a cruel fire (Fragment Only)
Who likes to love (Voice & Viols)
Why do I use my paper, ink and pen? (Voice & Viols)
With sighs and tears (Fragment Only)

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