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Mackay, Neil: The Second Year Violin Tutor


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This book is designed as a continuation of the First Year Violin Tutor, and covers the various finger patterns across the four strings up to, and including, four sharps and four flats.

In Lessons 11, 12 and 13 the 4th finger is introduced at the step of a semitone, in the keys of B, E and A major, on adjacent string. By use of this finger pattern the little finger can be controlled easily, and thus strengthened. The intonation of the 4th finger will be more accurate by means of this semitone method of introduction.

The book is designed for small groups of second year players or for individual lessons. It covers the basic Left and Right Hand techniques which must be acquired by any student who wishes to play the violin in the correct manner.

The exercises and tunes have been carefully written and edited so that pupils may derive pleasure and benefit from the various technical points incorporated in these pieces.

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