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Musidoku® is a musical variation on the hugely popular Sudoku number-place puzzle. So, if you’re a musician who loves Sudoku, then Musidoku will definitely be your forte.

The fascinating number puzzle from Japan which took the world by storm now has a musical version, using the same pattern of rows and columns, but with musical symbols instead of numbers. The first book (red) won the MIA Innovation in Printed Music Publishing Award and along with the second book (Opus 2), has sold tens of thousands of copies around the world and has even been sub-published in a Japanese Edition.

Follow these puzzles just as you’d learn a musical instrument. First get acquainted with the Tuning Up puzzles. Then proceed through ModeratoRigoroso and Virtuoso levels until Musidoku mastery is achieved with the elite Maestro selection. The puzzles are a really fun way for pupils to practise drawing musical symbols and the books makes a great gift for all your musical friends.


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