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Ena Boyle: The Magic Harp

We’re delighted to announce (on International Women’s Day) that Ina Boyle’s orchestral rhapsody The Magic Harp has just been reissued and is now available in our rental library. Boyle was the only female composer to be selected in the Carnegie Collection of British Music.

The complete full score is available for perusal online, so what better time to check out this long-neglected composer.#internationalwomensday 

The Durd-Alba (the wind among the apple trees) was the magical harp of the ancient gods of Ireland. It had three Strings,— the iron string of sleep, the bronze string of laughter, and the silver string, the sound of which made all men weep. These three strings were also supposed to evoke the three seasons into which the year was then divided.
E. Gore-Booth.

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