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For over a century Stainer & Bell has championed contemporary composers, upholding and renewing the spirit of creativity that ensures the health of music tomorrow from investment in what is finest and most enterprising of today. Alongside the solid legacy of the past – the great names of four centuries represented in the catalogue – the featured names below offer positive visions for the future. Their work enriches a variety of genres through its imagination and practical accomplishment, with the desire to connect with performers and listeners who are no less committed to the ideal of music as the highest form of communication.

Featured Composers

Richard Allain

Kristina Arakelyan

Paul Ayres

Bertie Baigent

Joe Bates

Samuel Bordoli

Tony Britten

Richard Bullen

Sarah Cattley

Ronald Corp

Nathan James Dearden

Anna Disley-Simpson

Peter Foggitt

Jenny Gould

Peter Gritton

Alex Hall

Lillie Harris

Morgan Hayes

Russell Hepplewhite

Thomas Hewitt Jones

Alex Ho

Sebastian Johnson

Edmund Jolliffe

Ruth Karn

Bryan Kelly

Brian Knowles

Philip Lancaster

Derri Joseph Lewis

Ian de Massini

Barnaby Martin

James McCarthy

Philip Moore

Bayan Northcott

Ben Parry

Richard Peirson

Shruthi Rajasekar

Rhiannon Randle

Lisa Robertson

Sarah Rodgers

Rhian Samuel

Roger Steptoe

Gareth Treseder

Sebastian Weiss

Chris Williams

Benjamin Woodgates

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