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Ruthie Thomas

Ruthie Thomas

No one encountering the music of Ruthie Thomas can surely fail to be moved by its passion, honesty and distinctive vision of the power of Christ in our world. She is the daughter of lay-preacher parents, and singing in her father’s Pentecostal Church was an important part of her childhood, preparing the ground for her vocation to offer the Lord’s praises through her very special gifts as performer and songwriter. Also a children’s author and poet, she has lived a creative life exploring her African-Caribbean legacy through jazz, calypso and soul styles, sustained by her unique vocal skills, and animated by a great compassion and dedication to charitable work.

Ruthie is the recipient of a P. D. James Writer’s Bursary and studied in the School of English at King Alfred’s College, Winchester, where she received a Master of Arts Degree. As well as in Christian Aid’s songbook Hunger for Justice, Ruthie’s work can be found in Big Blue Planet, published by Stainer & Bell, to whom all enquiries regarding the use of her songs should be addressed.

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