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Marjorie Dobson (b. 1940)

Marjorie DobsonThe vitality and relevance found in Marjorie Dobson’s writings are borne of a practical gift for inspiring worship, whether in the youth groups with which she has worked, or in broadcasting where she cut her teeth as a writer. She was raised in the mining area of County Durham, and called to be a Methodist Local Preacher at the age of twenty. Her vocation grew slowly yet steadily, uncovering in the process a strongly dramatic sense animating not only her set-piece monologues and entertainments, but also her hymns, meditations, prayers and poems. She links themes from modern living with the experiences of her own life, mixing insights of joy and sadness with a compelling sense of humour to celebrate a God ‘who will not always give us a straight answer, but will weave the pattern and pull together the strands that make up the tapestry of our lives.’

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