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In 2007 Stainer & Bell were invited to undertake completion of the ‘new’ Purcell Society Edition, a project begun in the 1970s to issue in 33 volumes a fundamentally re-edited edition of the composer’s entire output, replacing ‘The Works of Henry Purcell’ issued by the Society between the 1870s and 1970s. At the same time, the change of publisher marked the inception of the Purcell Society Edition Companion Series, which is now complete in six volumes as originally planned.

Most Recent Volumes:
PE3 Dido and Aeneas – December 2021
PE28 Continuo Anthems, Part I (Sacred Music, Part IV) – January 2021
PE13 Nine Anthems with Strings (previously advertised as Symphony Anthems) (Sacred Music, Part I) – July 2016
PE23 Services – November 2013
PE29 Sacred Anthems, Part V – Continuo Anthems, Part II – November 2011
PE21 Purcell: Dramatic Music, Part III – December 2010
PE12 Purcell: The Fairy Queen – March 2010
PE1 Purcell: Three Occasional Odes – October 2008
PE27 Purcell: Symphony Songs – February 2008

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