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Stainer & Bell’s scholarly series add a further dimension to the wide range of choral titles available from seven centuries of British music. The 20 volumes of the revised Byrd Edition, prepared under the General Editorship of the late Philip Brett, realise the ambition of Edmund Fellowes and Thurston Dart to make available the composer’s complete vocal works in practical modern form. Early English Church Music, published for the British Academy, takes as its remit the wealth of liturgically based music from medieval times to the Commonwealth. The celebrated Musica Britannica, founded in 1951, contains both sacred and secular choral music in authoritative, scholarly editions that are also intended to be used in performance. Most recently, the Purcell Society Edition, now published by Stainer & Bell, and the new Purcell Society Edition Companion Series, add to the catalogue the work of the outstanding English baroque composer and that of his contemporaries, presented in definitive modern editions that are the focus of continuing critical interest in the music of the period. Multiple copies of individual items may be obtained through the ‘Made-to-Order’ service, where not otherwise available separately.

Here is a small selection of miscellaneous choral anthologies from Musica Britannica, sacred and secular with differing vocal combinations.

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