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All aboard The History Express

The train about to depart from Platform 1 is the 20:22 History Express, calling at The Invention of the World Wide Web, World War Two, The Industrial Revolution, The Enlightenment, The Wars of the Roses, The Peasants’ Revolt, The Vikings, The Romans, The Dinosaurs and The Big Bang.


Take your seat for an exciting musical journey going backwards in time. History, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are all aboard this brilliant selection of catchy songs by Russell Hepplewhite with words by Helen Eastman.

Great fun for school and youth choirs to learn and perform, the texts cover a wide range of topics that not only feature in the History syllabus for Key Stages 2 and 3, but which will also be of interest for science and nature lovers.

This flexible book includes short notes on the lyrics, ideal for introducing the songs in concerts and school assemblies, downloadable backing tracks for rehearsal or performance, and an appendix with suggestions for group and class discussion.

Each individual song is also available as a separate download resource, sold with a licence to print copies of the full music, melody sheet and lyric sheet, plus access to helpful melody teaching tracks.

  1 The Invention of the World Wide Web
  2 World War Two
  3 Industrial Revolution
  4 The Enlightenment
  5 The Wars of the Roses
  6 The Peasants’ Revolt
  7 The Vikings
  8 The Romans
  9 Dinosaurs
10 The Big Bang


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